Introducing Marcus Jovanovich,...(a.k.a. Your Marketing Coach)

Honest. Hard-Working. Loyal. Committed.

How Can I Help You Grow Your Business?

From the desk of: Marcus Jovanovich

9.45am, Gold Coast


Dear fellow entrepreneur...

I'm writing you this letter, to express my genuine belief.

That my down-to-earth marketing coaching...

...will work for your business,...(no matter how small). And I can prove it.

Let me explain...

First of all. As your marketing coach,

...I'll work with you 'one on one' to guide you through everything you'll need to know.

You'll develop and carry out - your very own successful marketing plan for your business!

The best part is...

I'll help you create everything you need.

Right from - initial planning, to getting started and through to tracking your results.

I’ll share with you - every secret tip, trick and strategy I’ve discovered over the past 15 years...

By combining your intimate knowledge of your business...

...With my intuitive understanding of marketing!

Together - we’ll come up with a marketing plan to increase your Leads,...(and sales)

Including simple strategies for...

Facebook Ads, YouTube, SEO, Social Media, Email, Google Ad-Words and much more...

...once you feel confident.

You'll take control of your marketing,...(and, go for it!)

Knowing you'll have my full support if you need it...

As your marketing coach. I’ll keep you motivated...

...and empowered!

"My only goal is to help you grow your business".

Start today...

By giving me a call on 1300 207 383

We'll have a chat - then you can decide how you’d like to proceed...

I look forward to your call.



Marcus Jovanovich

-Your Marketing Coach


P.S. - I'll be sharing with you, the amazing strategy I used to TRIPLE one client's sales in just 6 months!

P.P.S:  You'll have Peace of Mind with my '90-Day DOUBLE Your Money Back' Guarantee.

P.P.P.S:  I don't take everyone. At the time of writing this letter. I've only 2 spaces left - You'll kick yourself if you miss this.

On a Personal Note...( A More Accurate Bio)

Marcus Jovanovich - Marketing Gold Coast

Okay, so that’s what I can do in the world of business and marketing. I forgot to mention (above) how many slices of pizza I can eat in a sitting... It’s pretty darn impressive, I must say… (kidding)

Look, aside from the marketing stuff… here’s what I do know. I’m not all about work.

I mean, sure, of course I love punching out the million dollar marketing ideas, one after the other, for business owners and entrepreneurs just like you…

Truth be known… I've other things in life that bring me joy, so here’s a little insight into my world…

  • I love to get out in the ocean for a surf as often as I can
  • I treasure spending time with my family
  • I enjoy playing my guitar,...(and signing badly)
  • I love dogs!
  • I have two brothers and a sister
  • I'm wise enough to laugh at life,...(and myself)
  • I count myself lucky to have the friends I do in my life
  • I grew up in a small country town, where I was raised by a single mother,...(who's responsible for who I am today)

Yeah… that’s a bit closer to what I’m all about!

So, If you feel we could work together,...reach out today!

Full '90 Day DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee'!

That’s right. Choose me as Your Marketing Coach. If during the first 90 days – you’re NOT 100% happy with my work!…Simply tell me and I’ll give you DOUBLE Your Money Back!! – NO Questions Asked!!

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