Who is Marcus Jovanovich?

Messages like this from happy clients...are what motivates me to give everything I have, to helping YOU achieve success in your business...

Testimonial for marketing coach from a happy client - Marcus Jovanovich Review

Marcus Jovanovich, Australia's Leading Marketing Coach...

I'm Australia's leading Marketing Coach for Small Businesses. I'm an expert when it comes to online conversion and lead generation. Having worked with several successful traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ and e-Commerce businesses over the past 15 years, now I'm a sought after marketing coach, speaker and mentor for those wanting to grow their business online by focus targeting all aspects of digital marketing.

On a Personal Note...( A More Accurate Bio)

Okay, so that’s my story in the world of business and marketing. I forgot to mention (above) how many slices of pizza I can eat in a sitting... It’s pretty darn impressive, I must say… (kidding)

Look, aside from the marketing stuff… here’s what I do know. I’m not all about work.

I mean, sure, of course I love punching out the million dollar marketing ideas, one after the other, for business owners and entrepreneurs around the country…

Truth be known… I have other things in life that bring me joy, so here’s a little insight into my world…

  • I love to get out in the ocean for a surf as often as I can
  • I treasure spending time with my family (especially my little nephews)
  • I get loud when I support my favourite footy team - The West Coast Eagles
  • I enjoy singing and playing my guitar (admittedly very poorly)
  • I love dogs! And secretly cats too
  • I have two brothers and a sister
  • I'm wise enough to laugh at life...(and myself)
  • I count myself lucky to have the friends I do in my life
  • I enjoy a cold beer after a long day’s work
  • I was raised by a single mother, who I love dearly

Yeah… that’s a bit closer to what I’m all about!

So, If you feel like i'm the kind of person you would enjoy working with...

Let's chat for 5 minutes over the phone, give me a call now on » 1300 207 383

...or email me direct at [email protected]