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YOUR Marketing Coach With a Remarkable Record For Getting Results...

Don't take my word for it,'s what my client's say about me...

What My Happy Customers, Say About Me...

“As a small business owner it’s easy to run around with your blinkers on when it comes to marketing your business.  After all nobody knows your business better than you right?  Wrong!  OMG I was so wrong!!  Allowing a fresh set of eyes into my business has been the best decision I ever made.  With a keen understanding of what it takes to engage your community and gain traction above the noise, Marcus has provide a clear direction for my marketing strategy. He’s revolutionised by attitude towards marketing.  My blinkers are off and I’m transforming my business with his guidance.”

Lou Duggan, from Cake 2 the Rescue - Testimonial for Marcus Jovanovich's small business marketing coaching

Lou Duggan

Founder & Owner

Cake 2 The Rescue

"Not only have my sales gone through the roof, but I now make recurring income from a digital fitness product online too"

Ethan Hyde

Fully Loaded Fitness

"On one campaign alone, Marcus's work made us 147K in just 10 days! His loyalty and commitment is commendable. When it comes to marketing he's the real deal"

Andrew Pappas

Independent Financial & Property Pty Ltd

"Marcus is one of the most loyal, committed and ethical people I've worked with. His ability to provide genuine and considerate advice to business owners is what sets him apart!"

Lauren McLaughlin

Business coach

"You understand what is needed to get us up to #1 and you've done that"

Steve George

Director, The IFP Group | International Speaker | Investment Coach

"Amazing if you looking for the leaders in the marketing industry you've come to the right place. Marcus is helping me take my pt business to the next level through online marketing!"

Victoria Loney

VL Fitness Essentials

"After paying another agency 30k and getting completely ripped off, I contacted Marcus he helped me build a new website and reconstruct my marketing so that it actually produced leads!"

Brett Peterson

Toowoomba Dual Income Properties

"When I was looking to market my unique education product into India and America. I needed someone with the skills to do so, Marcus your help and knowledge in this area was exceptional!"

Bill James

Global Phonetics Institute

"You helped me understand that the internet is not a big scary place and taught me how we could use things like Facebook to drive more customers. Thank You for all your hard work and patience with an old tech dinosaur like me!"

Allan Butlion

West Decks Timber Supplies

Full '90 Day DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee'!

That’s right. Choose me as Your Marketing Coach. If during the first 90 days – you’re NOT 100% happy with my work!…Simply tell me and I’ll give you DOUBLE Your Money Back!! – NO Questions Asked!!

My Process Is Simple

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Where does the marketing coaching happen? +

We do all coaching either in person over a coffee (if location permits) or most clients prefer to do it over Skype.

How much does it cost? +

Firstly, What's included...

You'll get weekly 90 minute personal coaching sessions.

PLUS - I'll personally work on your marketing & website design, ensure YOU get the results YOUR looking for...

...and you'll get unlimited 24/7 support via phone & email.

I'm 100% confident your decision to hire me will be the best one you make this year.

I give you a full 90 day 'DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee' so you can try it risk free...

All This - for only 770 per month.

Can we meet before I make any decisions? +

Of course. It’s important to have a good relationship with your marketing coach, and for me to get a good understanding of your business. If you’re considering my marketing coaching services, the first step is to set up a time for you and I to meet. This first meeting is a no obligation chance for us to meet and see if you like the idea of working together.

How do I know if your marketing coaching is right for me? +

My Marketing Coaching is a GOOD fit for you if –

  • You’re a business owner with a positive mindset
  • You run a business and you need more leads & sales
  • You run a business and you want to grow it in the next 12 months
  • You’re a business owner who wants to grow your personal skill set

However my Marketing Coaching is NOT a good fit for you if…

  • You’re someone who chases “get rich quick” schemes
  • You don’t follow through on things when you say you will
  • You don’t like hard work and expects others to do it for you
  • You have a negative attitude – and focus on problems rather than solutions

If this sounds like you…

We might be a good fit to work together - me today at [email protected]

It might be the best decision you make this year

Will you pressure me to hire you if we meet? +

I don’t think that any good comes of a relationship that is any way forced. Marketing coaching needs 100% commitment from you as a business owner, or it will not work. So, when you meet with me, you can feel assured that you won’t be pushed to sign up at the end of the meeting.

Can you guarantee I will get the result I want from coaching? +

In a word – no. I can guarantee that I will deliver excellent marketing coaching. You will actually do the work in the business, to put strategies into place. I'll support you and give you resources to assist you, but I won’t do the work for you. So, the success of your marketing coaching experience depends on your commitment and follow through on the strategies we put into place. You can try it risk FREE with our 30 day 100% money back guarantee when you start marketing coaching with me.

My business needs special knowledge to run. How can you help me? +

You know how to run your business in your industry. You’re the expert there. What my marketing coaching services will do is combine your knowledge of your business with marketing skills to grow it.

Get more leads, clients and sales»